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Der Hammer - The German meat-head is perfect for close-range combat and can take a lot of damage. Der Hammer was already 200lbs of pure psychotic muscle by the time he was three. Aged four he punched his way out of kindergarten. When he hit puberty, he broke it for the rest of us.

Dirty Sally - If Dirty Harry rode a wave of sewerage straight into city hall to bribe the Mayor, he still wouldn't be as dirty as our Sally. She's more crooked than the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and for the right price will bring more than her fair share of fight to the game. Armed with a machine gun and a smile, both are equally deadly when pointed straight at your face.

Thief - Keep on your toes! Because the Thief will steal your heart and your wallet, but you'll forgive her for both. Preferring to hit up a jewellery store than a gangster, this light-fingered little madam will crowbar her way into any resource center to pilfer their products while the boys are busy bashing lumps out of each other. Clever girl.

Sniper - Sometimes your line of work requires a subtle approach and the Sniper provides just that. Like a whisper breeze, this cold, calculating killer will take out enemy gangsters from afar before they what's hit them, especially those difficult to reach opponents garrisoned on top of buildings.

Hustler - The Hustler is a low-down dirty scumbag who'd sell his own mother if she wasn't damaged goods. Still, for the right price he'll spread your Bad Blue around the city, while enemies cowering behind walls won't stand a chance when he lobs over a grenade, creating carnage for gangsters foolish enough to group together.

Lone Wolf - Lone Wolf might have cut his teeth in the Special Forces but nowadays his special skills available to the highest bidder. With a well-placed C4 charge he'll take out your enemy's defensive walls and buildings then whip out his Colt and fire off a few rounds for good measure.

Nurse Hatchet - She may have lost her licence after a few too many patients snuffed it, but to be fair they all died from a heart attack after fluttered her lashes. Nurse Hatchet is happy to turn bedside manner towards your gangsters, just as long as you cough up the cash.

Mister Malicious - The enemy is throwing bullets, missiles and the kitchen sink at you. Your response? Mister Malicious. This human wrecking ball eats Big Rats for breakfast. Would you mess with a guy that frightens missiles? I thought not.