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There are 3 types of crew cards named as Thug Crew, Gangster Crew, Superior Crew

Thug Crew

These cards cost 5 golds and generates 1 card every 15 mins

Thug crew

Rarity:- Rare

Sale Price:- N/A

Forge:- 5 min speedup + 15 min speed up + Prison Overcrowd level 1

Gangster Crew

These cards cost 50 golds and generates 1 card every 8 hours Gangster crew

Rarity:- Super rare

Sale Price:- N/A

Forge:- 6 hours protection + 1 day protection + 3 day protection

Superior Crew

These cards cost 500 golds, Superior Crew starts to generate every 30Days once MANSION reaches LVL10 Superior crew

Rarity:- Epic

Sale Price:- N/A

Forge:- Prison Overcrowd level 5 + Jail breaker revolt level 4 + Fortify level 5